Following some questions and answers that can help you. 

Why did this change happen?

This change to the Payment Services Agreement happened because StubHub has chosen another payment service provider.

In the past StubHub has been using eBay to transfer seller payouts for sellers of European and UK events. Now as a result of StubHub spin-off from eBay in late 2019, StubHub has decided to transfer to another payment service provider for sellers of European and UK events, the PayPal solution named Hyperwallet.

What does this mean to me? Any changes?

Access to your account and to the StubHub service will not be impacted. For orders that happened before July 1st, you do not need to do anything since they will be processed under the eBay Payment Services Agreement.

From July 1st 2021, all new sales transactions will be processed using Hyperwallet payment services. For new listings you will have to register a Hyperwallet payment method here and reset your preferred Payment Method in MyAccount. 

Once these two steps are completed, you will be able to keep selling with us as you did before. In case we need any additional information from your side at a later stage, we will contact you.

When can I expect to receive my payments?

Payout timelines remain exactly the same as before, as described in our payout policy. 


What is Hyperwallet?

Hyperwallet is a global payment solution that offers fast and secure transfers. Depending on the country and currency, you can choose different payment methods. 

To use Hyperwallet payment service, you will need to create a payment account with Hyperwallet and add your payment methods in Hyperwallet. 


Do I need to register a new Hyperwallet account? How can I do it?

Yes. Since you will need to add a new payment method in your StubHub account, you’ll be asked for extra information to register into Hyperwallet as a Hyperwallet payee. However, you will not need to leave the StubHub site to complete this process. 

You will be able to complete this process on the StubHub Site following this link to register a Hyperwallet payment accountOnce completed, you will also need to reset your preferred payment method so the Hyperwallet can pay you in a timely manner and avoid potential delays.

Do I need to do anything after July 1st if I want to keep selling with StubHub?

You are expected to complete 2 steps in case you want to keep selling with StubHub after July 1st. Both steps can be done via My Account > Payment section.

  1. You will need to validate your identity with the new payment services provider Hyperwallet by registering a Hyperwallet account as a Hyperwallet payee. 
  2. After that, you will need to add your preferred payment method for your active listings and new sales happening after July 1st.

Please make sure the owner of the preferred payment method set on the account is the same as the Hyperwallet account to avoid any delays in the payment. 


I have made a mistake when creating my Hyperwallet account, what can I do?

You shouldn’t experience any problem for a typo mistake but, If it hinders you from getting your payout timely, you will receive an automatic notification for you to provide the correct information once again.


What is KYC? Do I have to validate my identity?

The Know Your Customer (KYC) is a common regulatory requirement to verify the identity and risks of an individual or business in the global payout industry. Verifying the identity of a payment recipient helps ensure that funds are being successfully disbursed to the intended individual or business. After you have entered your Hyperwallet account information and created a Hyperwallet payment method, you may be asked to be KYC'ed by Hyperwallet if you’ve met certain criteria. In this case, you will receive an initial KYC email from StubHub. By following the instructions in the email, you will be asked to enter your KYC information on StubHub platform to be reviewed by the Hyperwallet team. Following the completion of the initial KYC information submission, you may be asked by Hyperwallet to submit additional information with a follow up KYC email from StubHub. Only once you have passed the KYC, you will be able to receive your payout.