All listings with a "Mobile ticket" or "Mobile Transfer" delivery method must be viewed on a mobile device to gain entry into the event. These tickets can't be printed.  

Once your tickets are delivered or transferred, you will receive an email with instructions to access them.

In this article, we want to introduce you in the different types that exists. 

Mobile Ticket

Instead of using a hard copy or PDF ticket, your ticket is stored on your phone. It'll often look like a square barcode, called a QR code.

At the event, you'll view the mobile ticket on your phone to scan it at the gate.

When the tickets are delivered, you will receive an email to view your ticket.

Mobile Transfer

It's not housed in the StubHub International app. Sometimes, teams or venues have their own mobile apps you'd use to get your tickets. Also it may be in the primary app. Other times, you will need to have the tickets in the mobile Wallet app (Real Madrid for example).

We have three type of Mobile transfer tickets, but only two of them are consider URL tickets. There are:

External Mobile transfer

These tickets are transferred through a third party app/platform that does not belong to StubHub International. 

When the tickets are delivered, you will receive two emails: 

  • Third party app/platform to confirm the transfer was made and provide the steps to accept your tickets. Can't find the email? Don't forget this article
  • StubHub International where we confirm the tickets had been delivered. Remember that the tickets has not housed in our platform. 


It can be:

  • Single URL/Token – The seller registers on the sale one single link (URL) for all the tickets on that sale.

  • One seat, one link (URL) – The seller registers on our platform one link (URL) for each ticket sold (One link per seat). 

When the tickets are delivered, you will receive an email to accept the ticket/s and you will be redirected to the link registered by the seller. 

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