For international shipments, we usually work with UPS and FedEx. For domestic deliveries, we rely on local couriers to ensure timely delivery.

If your order include "Delivery service" or "Tickets shipped through Delivery service", it means the delivery will be handled by one of these courier services:

  • For the UK: Royal Mail
  • For Germany: Deutsche Post
  • For Spain: Correos Express
  • For Mexico: Estafeta, DHL, Pakmail, EnviaYa

Confirming the delivery address

To ensure timely and hassle-free delivery, we recommend validating the delivery address to make sure it's correct.

Need to change the address?

To do so, we need to know whether the tickets have already been shipped or not.

  • If the tickets are in transit: Contact us, we'll see if there's enough time to reroute your package to a different address.
  • If the tickets haven't shipped yet: Update the shipping information on your order. If you need them sent to a hotel or a friend's or family member's place, contact them first so ensure they can receive the delivery. Note that hotels may not hold packages for long. Once you have notified the recipient, follow these steps to change the address: 
    • Under the order, click "View details" and then "Change delivery address."
    • If the address is already in your profile, select it and tap "Save."
    • If it's a new address, click on "Add a new address," fill in the information, and finally tap "Save."

How does the delivery work?

Once the seller hands over the envelope to the courier, they will update your order with the name and tracking number associated with the package. This way, you can track the shipment on the chosen courier's website. You will also find these details in your profile, next to your order and/or by clicking on "View details".

Important: Depending on the service chosen, the delivery may not require a signature, and the courier may leave the envelope in your building or house mailbox.

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