Surely you've heard the latest news about Taylor Swift's tour. We are here to address your concerns.

Please, choose one of the following options and we will provide you more details. 


Whether you are looking for tickets or have already purchased them on our platform... Please read the following questions to understand what is happening and how it affects your order.

Ticket authenticity

Reselling tickets in the UK and Ireland is perfectly legal. We deploy the best possible safety measures to ensure that all tickets are valid. 

It has become common practice for event organisers or primary ticket sellers to include terms and conditions which seek to allow them to void or cancel a legitimate ticket on the basis that it was transferred or resold. In our experience, these terms and conditions are often not enforced and does not ordinarily prevent our buyers from entering the venue to enjoy their live event experience.

In the rare scenario these restrictions end up being enforced, and you are as a result denied entry to the event, our FanProtect Guarantee will have you covered with a 100% refund.

Ticket price

StubHub International is a marketplace where fans can safely and securely buy and resell tickets. Sellers own their tickets and set their preferred listing price. We are not involved in pricing decisions.  

There has been unprecedented demand for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour globally. Prices can, and usually do, fluctuate over time. 

Our goal is to provide fans with access to see their favourite artists and teams live by providing fans with a safe, transparent, and trusted marketplace to buy and resell tickets.  


When will I receive? For security reasons, tickets will be released about 10 days before the concert. You don't need to worry! With our 100% Guarantee, we assure you that you will receive them in time to enjoy the Eras Tour.

How do I receive? These tickets are transferred through a third party app/platform that does not belong to StubHub International. When the tickets are delivered, you will receive two emails: 

  • Third party app/platform to confirm the transfer was made and provide the steps to accept your tickets.
  • StubHub International where we confirm the tickets had been delivered. Remember that the tickets has not housed in our platform.


Whether you are thinking of selling tickets or have already received a sale on our platform... Please read the following FAQs to understand the status of the event.

Ticket authenticity

It has become common practice for event organizers or primary ticket sellers to include terms and conditions that theoretically allow them to void or cancel a ticket if it was transferred or resold, in our experience, these terms are often not strictly enforced. However, we want to remind you that these policies are determined solely by the event promoters and organizers and StubHub International has no control over their decisions.

Should any issues arise where the final buyer is unable to enter the venue due to strict enforcement of transfer restrictions, we want to assure you that we will be here to support you. Our dedicated Support team will work with you individually to explore alternative solutions and ensure your interests are addressed in the best possible way.

Getting paid for my sale

After the event has taken place, you can expect to receive their payment within 5 to 8 business days. This timeframe allows us to ensure that the tickets sold were valid and that your buyer was able to attend the event with them. We prioritize the security and satisfaction of both buyers and sellers, and this verification process helps us maintain the integrity of our platform.

You can read more about the payment timeline here.