For some events, the Organizer requires the attendees information in order to avoid fraud. So the tickets will be nominative and an identity document may be required to proof it's correct. 

How to know I'm buying for a nominative event?

If you have bought tickets for a nominative event, surely you have seen a message similar to this during the purchase process

That's mean that you will need to provide some details about the attendees that will enjoy the tickets.  

How to provide them?

Once the order is completed, you will need to access your account to provide the required information. To do that, follow those steps: 

  1. Login into your StubHub International account 
  2. Go to Orders and find the transaction
  3. Click on the button Add attendee info, complete the fields and tap on Save

Then, your seller will receive the information and manage the transaction (within the established period).

Can't add the details?

Have you already added the data and it keeps asking you for it? Are you trying to add the data of the attendees and you get this error?  

Our engineers team is working to fix as soon as possible. 

If this is your case, please, contact us and our Support Team can assist you.

Do you need to change the nominative information?

Unfortunately it's not possible to update the data from your Profile. If you need to change any information, please contact us

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