Signing up on StubHub International 

To sell your tickets on our platform, you first need to create an account.

  1. Go to our website
  2. Click Sign in
  3. At the top of the popup, click on Create an account
  4. Enter your first and last name, email address, and a password. Or click Sign up with your Facebook, Google or Apple account. 
  5. Click on Create account

How to add a payment method

Go to Payments, Payout methods and choose the currency and the payment method.

  • Paypal: introduce the same email registered in your Paypal. Make sure that your account accepts the currency you chose.
  • Direct deposit: first introduce the same address registered in your bank account, and then provide your account details. Note that depending on the currency, your bank must be located in certain countries.

Choose your payment method before a sale is confirmed. Any payment method changes will be applied only to existing and new listings. Once you have a sale, and if your payment is not in progress,you'll need to reach out to us and request the change.

Listing tickets for an event

  1. Look for the event on our web page and click see tickets.
  2. Click sell instead (Blue logo top right of page).
  3. Enter the same information you have about the location of the tickets (immediate or no immediate delivery, depending if you have the tickets).
  4. Select the amount you want for one ticket.
  5. Enter the bank or PayPal account information you want to be paid into (you will need a bank account set in the currency of the event. Otherwise, please add your PayPal account).  
  6. At last, click on List my tickets.

You’ll get a confirmation email when your tickets are listed. You can find your listing by going to My tickets > Listings.

You can edit, deactivate or delete your listing at any moment, unless your tickets are not sold at which point you'll need to deliver.

Would you like to list tickets for an event not created on our website?

You can suggest us through this link. We'll evaluate your request, and usually add the event within 7 business days.

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