Can't attend the event and want to resell your tickets on StubHub International? Good decision! In this article, we'll explain the entire process and cover some important topics.

How to relist from the profile?

  1. Log into your profile.
  2. Go to the 'Orders' tab and find your transaction under 'Current'.
  3. Click on the 'Can’t attend? Sell your ticket' button.
  4. If this is your first time listing, verify yourself as an individual seller and enter your personal details.
  5. Confirm the number of tickets you want to sell.
  6. Set the price for each ticket.
  7. Enter the bank or PayPal account details where you want to receive payment (ensure it's in the event's currency or use your PayPal account).
  8. Provide credit card information for StubHub International’s Fan Protect™ Guarantee.

Once your listing is created, you'll receive a confirmation email. You can also view your listing under 'Listings' in your profile.

How to list from the event page?

  1. Find the event on our website and click "Sell tickets" (Purple logo top right of page).
  2. Enter the same details you have regarding the tickets: type, availability (choose Late Shipping if tickets are not in your possession), location.
  3. Specify the price you wish to set for each ticket.
  4. If this is your first time listing with us, you will be asked to identify you as an individual seller and enter your personal details.
  5. Provide the bank account or PayPal information where you would like to receive payment (ensure it's set in the event's currency; alternatively, use your PayPal account).
  6. Provide the credit or debit card information as guarantee for the buyer.
  7. Finally, click on List my tickets.
  8. Please, kindly inform us about the listing reference to update your purchase.

You’ll get a confirmation email when your tickets are listed. You can find your listing by going to My tickets > Listings.

Additional Information

These steps ensure a smooth process for listing and managing ticket sales on StubHub International. 

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