What is the payment timeline?

You can expect to receive payment within 5 to 8 business days after the event has taken place. This timeframe ensures the validity of the tickets sold and the buyer's attendance at the event, prioritizing security and satisfaction for both parties.

What payment methods does StubHub International accept?

StubHub International offers two convenient payment methods for sellers: direct deposit and PayPal. Payment are made in the same currency used to list the tickets, so ensure your payment method is registered in the same currency.

How to add a payment method?

  1. Go to Payments and select Payout methods
  2. Choose the currency and the payment method: 
    • For Paypal: enter the email registered in your Paypal account that accepts the chosen currency. 
    • For Direct Deposit: first, enter the address registered with your bank account, then provide your account details. Note that your bank musts be located in specific countries depending on the currency. 
  3. Changes to payment methods apply to existing and new listings. 

How to add a Sort Code for UK payments? 

If selling tickets for an UK event, you must enter a Branching Sort Code, a 6-digit code identifying a specific bank and branch. Ensure the Sort Code consists of consecutive numbers without hyphens (-), spaces, or special characters. A


  • Sort Code: 88-77-66
  • Enter in our platform: 887766

How to change the payment method of an existing sale?

Contact us to request a payment method change if the payment is not yet in progress. 

How to see the payment status or method linked to my sale?

Go to Payments, select Payment History and choose the currency to view:

  • Pending: Sale not yet delivered.
  • Processing: Sale delivered; payment pending event completion.
  • Paid: Payment processed by StubHub International.
  • Cancelled: Sale cancelled. 

Payment method linked

Check Payments for details on the linked payment method for your sale:

  • Paypal: Displays the provided email address. 
  • Direct Deposit: Shows your name, bank and last four digits of your account. 

If no details are shown for PayPal or Direct Deposit, contact us to manually provide your payment information before sale confirmation. 

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