We are very sorry that this happened to you. Below we will explain what to do in each of these cases.

What if the tickets I bought were Stolen?

If your physical tickets were stolen, we understand how distressing this can be. While we cannot guarantee a resolution, we're here to assist you. Please contact us with your order details, and we will do our best to review your situation and explore possible solutions.

What if the tickets I bought were Lost?

For lost tickets, the options depend on the type of ticket you purchased:

  • Electronic (PDF) and Screenshot Tickets: If you purchased electronic or screenshot tickets, you're in luck! You can easily download and print them again. Simply go to My tickets > Orders on our website to retrieve your tickets.
  • Physical Tickets: Unfortunately, we do not offer a service for duplicating lost paper tickets. If you have lost your hard tickets and tickets are still available for purchase, you can buy another one on StubHub International.  
  • Mobile Transfer Tickets: You can access your tickets again! Depending on the ticket type you received, you will need to:
    • For URL tickets: Download again in your smartphone and save in your Wallet App. 
    • For External Mobile Transfer: Download again the App required and login with the credentials. Don't remember? Tickets are usually sent to the email address in the customer's StubHub International profile. If this isn't possible, a new email address is created for the transfer, and the customer will receive an email with the new credentials. Otherwise, follow the instructions in the email from the event organizer or promoter confirming the transfer.

What if the tickets I bought were Damaged?

If your tickets got damaged, here’s what you need to know:

  • Electronic (PDF) and Screenshot Tickets: You can re-download and print them by going to My tickets > Orders.
  • Physical Tickets: If the barcode is intact and the ticket is legible, you should still be able to use it at the event. For further assistance, please contact us. If the tickets are too damaged to be used and tickets are still available for purchase, you can buy another one on StubHub International.

Please note that if you damaged your tickets after they were delivered, you are not covered by FanProtect 100% Guarantee. However, our team is always here to support you as much as possible.

For any issues with your tickets, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are committed to helping you have a great event experience.

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