Did you sell tickets for the following concerts and want to know how to transfer them?

Taylor Swift Gelsenkirchen

Taylor Swift Hamburg

Taylor Swift München

Tickets are already available in the primary marketplace and below we guide you through the necessary steps to guarantee the correct delivery of your tickets and the completion of your sale:

  1. Connect to the EVENTIM App with your credentials. Look for the FANSALE option and publish your tickets. Choose the private sale option (not accessible to the public), which will only be available for the next 48 hours before becoming public. You will now have a link with access to that private sale.
  2. Log out of your EVENTIM account. Go to your StubHub International account and find your buyer's details in your sale: Name and surname. Since new accounts created nowadays require verification, we ask you to first create a new email for the buyer, which you will provide along with the rest of the credentials.
  3. Return to the EVENTIM app and create an account with the buyer's name and surname and the new email created in the previous step. Use the link you received from the private sale and purchase those tickets with this new account you created. Please note that any charges that EVENTIM makes to you for this transaction will not be reimbursed by StubHub International.
  4. Now provide the credentials of the new EVENTIM account created through this form. Selecting 'Eventim Germany'. 
  5. These tickets do not yet have a QR/Access code available. They will be available shortly before the event.
  6. Go to your sale in your StubHub International account
  7. Click on “Confirm/Transfer”
  8. Choose “I have already transferred the ticket(s) to the buyer from the original ticket provider page and confirm
  9. Send proof of the transfer to mobiletransfer@stubhub.ie with the following Subject: "SaleID + EventName + EventDate"

A few things that you should also bear in mind:

  • For the new account in fanSALE, do not use the buyer's email address that you see in your StubHub International account. You may have to authenticate that account. Use a different email address and then share the username with us.
  • Only use your buyer's information for purely transactional reasons. Any misuse of such information will be in your own responsibility.
  • These instructions only apply to tickets transferred through fanSALE and for Taylor Swift in Germany.

Getting paid

After the event has taken place, you can expect to receive your payment within 5 to 8 business days. Make sure you have the right payment method set for your account. Here we explain what you should take into account.

StubHub International has no commercial relationship with the mentioned third-party app. Its inclusion in this communication is solely for informational purposes.