The tournament has already started and we couldn't be more excited about it! Does the same thing happen to you? It's time to celebrate with family, friends, partners... To live the colors of our national team and cheer on the players. It's a good excuse to stay together!

We want to give you a quick view of all the content we've created that we think can help you to resolve your doubts.


Are you a buyer?

  • Hayya card

First of all, we recommend you to read What's a FAN ID (Hayya card) to understand the requirement to access the country and the venue. 

You will need to have a ticket application number to request your Hayya card.

  • Are you looking for tickets? 

Here we provide a tips to search in our website and get your tickets. 

  • Have you already bought?  

If so, this is your article! We give you some context regarding when, how will you receive the tickets, how does the app work and other topics. 

Unfortunately, the Organizer's app is experiencing crashes (it's down). So it's possible that you will receive from the app or by email. Both are equally valid :)

  • Tickets with other name

It is common for this to happen. Here we explain why.

  • Can't attend? 

We're sorry you can't attend the match. 

We hope you enjoy the event and the experience!

Are you a seller?

  • Listing my tickets

Thank you for providing a fan with the opportunity to attend this great event! Here we explain the process to list tickets in our platform. 

  • Already sold? 

First of all, you will need to provide the ticket application number so the attendees can apply for their Hayya card

Then, you will need to deliver the tickets. Unfortunately, the Organizer's app is experiencing crashes (it's down). In this article we will explain how to transfer tickets through the app and without the app. Both are equally valid :)