Did you order tickets for Qatar and wants to know how to receive it?

We have been informed that the organiser´s App where your tickets should be available for the game is down at the moment and there is no clarity on when it will be available again. Until the App is restored and functioning again, no ticket transfer can be completed nor you will be able to access your tickets through it, which means that your tickets could be available to you in a different way. 

It is not the first time it happened in the tournament so we want to give you visibility on what to expect next. 

If the App is restored before the event

You will be able to access your tickets through the App and the barcode will be shown once you arrive at the venue. We kindly ask you to check from time to time the App to see if it works.

If the App is working remember that your tickets will neither be in your StubHub International account, nor be a downloadable PDF, and should NOT be printed. They are exclusively available via Mobile App.


If the App is not restored before the event

The organiser or the seller will be sending your tickets to your email address registered on Stubhub International the same day of the event. 

We kindly ask you to check your different inboxes, including spam in case the email ends up in there for some reason. Please note that in the last games when this has happened, tickets were sent only two hours before Kick Off.

If this is the case, they will be sending QR Codes to your email address that you will need to scan at the venue. Please note that you will need a device with Internet connection to open the email containing the QR Code at the gate. A picture or screenshot of the tickets will not be valid and, remember to have your mobile phone ON, fully charged and maximum brightness activated when scanning your tickets.

We are sorry for this last minute notification. From StubHub International we are working tirelessly to make this experience as seamless as possible and keep you informed as much as possible.