In case you sold mobile tickets for any of the match of this championship, this is the article you need to read to understand the process. 

We have been informed that the organiser´s App where tickets should be transferred from is down at the moment and there is no clarity on when it will be available again. Until the App is restored and functioning again, no ticket transfer can be completed and we understand the organiser is following an alternative way to have tickets delivered to users.

Please find below what StubHub International expects from you to overcome this technical issue caused by the organiser and have your order completed on time for the event.

If the App is restored before the event 

Please complete the transfer as soon as it is available using the details provided to you in the transactional emails. We kindly ask you to check from time to time the App to see if it works and send the tickets even if you don't have the name of the people attending the event.

From the FIFA World Cup 2022 Tickets app:

  1. Click on the tickets you sold (make sure you are choosing the right match, date and venue)
  2. You can see the tickets and bellow some buttons to make some actions. To transfer the tickets to the buyer, you will need to click on SEND YOUR TICKETS. 
  3. In the search bar, you will need to put the buyer's email address. Then, click on ENTER and tap SEND to transfer the tickets. 

From your StubHub International profile: 

  1. Go to Sales > Open Sales tab. 
  2. Search the transaction and then, click on CONFIRM TRANSFER.

If the App is not restored before the event 

The organiser will be sending the tickets to the email address registered with them. We kindly ask you to check your different inboxes, including spam in case the email ends up in there for some reason. 

  1. Send these tickets directly to your buyer using the email address provided in the Sale Confirmation email and put the email address in cc. So that we can follow up on delivery in case of any claim from the buyer.
  2. Go to your StubHub International's profile and click on CONFIRM TRANSFER in your sale. 

We are sorry for this last minute notification. From StubHub International we are working tirelessly to make this experience as seamless as possible and keep you informed as much as possible.