On December 1, 2021 we made an improvement in the purchase process. Before explaining how to resell your tickets, tell us when you bought the tickets.  

Order made before December 1, 2021

You need to create a registered account to resell the tickets on StubHub International. Unfortunately it's not possible to merge a guest account into a registered account. 

1. Click Sell tickets on www.stubhub.ie
2. Create a StubHub International account
 3. Follow the steps and tell us:

• What kinds of tickets you're selling and how / when you'll deliver them
• The seat details and how many tickets you're selling
• Your price per ticket and how you'd like to be paid if they sell

4. You must have a valid credit card on file to keep users safe and secure. Enter your card details and choose a preferred payment method.
5. Click List tickets

How can I deliver the tickets?

• If the tickets are delivered and are in your guest account, save them to your computer before listing
• To resell mobile tickets, create a registered account and contact us 

Order made after December 1, 2021

Login into your StubHub International profile: enter your email address (used to purchase the tickets) and the password created. Then, follow those steps to create the listing