An expired listing is a listing automatically deactivated because it didn't sell. You can't reactivate this listing or relist tickets if the delivery deadline has passed.

In general:

• UPS Worldwide Saver delivery: Expire 4 business days before the event
• PDF and mobile tickets (listed as Electronic delivery): Expire 1 day before the event. If you have the PDF file, you can relist them and upload the tickets.
• PDF tickets and mobile tickets (listed as Instant download): Expire when the event starts
• Instant download tickets (through entering barcodes): 
Expire between 6 hours before the event to event start time 

To see when your active listings expire

• On a desktop

1. Go to My tickets Listings
2. Find the listing. Sale ends on... is when your listing expires.

• On the app

1. Tap Sell and Active listings
2. Sale end date is when your listing expires

To you See your expired listings under My tickets ListingsClick the Expired tab.