There are many ways of finding the best tickets for you.

  • Choose the number of tickets that you want to buy
  • Set the maximum or minimum price per ticket
    • On a desktop: Under Price per ticket, use the slide bar to set your minimum and maximum price
    • On the StubHub app: Tap Filter, enter your price range per ticket in the boxes. Tap Apply.
  • Include or not the estimated fees in the listing price
    • On the StubHub app
      • Tap Filter
      • Tap the toggle Show prices with estimated fees to turn it on
      • Tap Apply
    • On a desktop: Under Popular Filters, click the Show prices with estimated fees toggle
  • Filter by a specific ticket type
    • On a desktop: Under Ticket types, check the applicable box 
    • On the StubhHub app: Under Delivery method, tap the box next to the ticket type. Tap Apply.
  • Select one or multiple sections or zones (only available on desktop)
  • Choose specific seat features
    • On a desktop: Under Features, check the applicable box
    • On the StubHub app: Under Features, tap the box(es) next to the applicable feature(s). Tap Apply.

Depending on the ticket availability, some of the features may not be visible.